Games Showcase

The Games Showcase will run during the breaks between presentations, and it will feature original games and works-in-progress. The following games will be showcased:


Matthew Beale, Old Dominion

Scrummage is a cooperative game in which players work together to complete the task outlined by the scenario card. Players do this by assuming one of four organizational roles and work together to resolve the appropriate number and types of task cards required of the scenario. They will do this by strategically placing worker pieces on cards and rolling dice.


Jack McGinnis and Josh Schoen, Ball State

An action rogue-like game, with procedural level generation, featuring an upgrade/experience system based on the player's ability to spell words from letters dropped by enemies.


Evan Havlin, Jared Niemeier, Robert Austin, and Mikey Baxter, Ball State

SnakeBall is a take on the classic Window's game 'JezzBall.' The goal is to trap a mouse by taking over sections of a container. You can play by yourself, team up with a friend or compete against them.

The Caddyshack VR

Shane Franklin, Logan Kelley, Spencer Kolbus, and Isaac Walling, Ball State

Startup project of a Virtual Reality Mini-golf game using the HTC Vive.


Ashley Douglas, Braxton Harrison, and Spencer Helou, Ball State

Nil is a 3D platforming adventure, where the enigmatic wandering spirit Nil must help Chester the magical scarf recover its power by retrieving spools of glowing thread scattered throughout the area. Wandering through unfamiliar woodlands, Nil must explore and gather new abilities for Chester to push forth through the unknown. The forest contains all manner of hostile creatures, however, and the two must work together using special moves to survive.

UF-Oh No!

Kate Rader, Dylon Price, David Wisenberg, Gunnar Bills, and Nick Smith, Ball State

UF-Oh No! is a 2d sidescrolling platformer where the player is thrust into the position of an astronaut who must repair a damaged space station. Players must use their thrusters and limited fuel supply to avoid obstacles and seal the breach.

Bringing the Community Together: A Minnetrista Project

Ashley Johnson, Ball State

A game designed to bring community members of all ages from the Muncie and Ball State communities together to explore the grounds of Minnetrista and see what it has in store as a meeting place for all.

Spirits at Prairie Creek Park

Zachary Bube, Garrett Evers, Catherine Galbraith, Jordan Lewers, Dakota Malchow, Dylon Price, Kate Rader, Kay Rittichier, Darby Siscoe, Lauren Taylor, and David Wisenberg, Ball State

This is a geolocative game set at Prairie Creek Park, designed to get small groups talking about nature and sustainability. It was created in collaboration with Muncie Sanitary District as an immersive learning project in Spring 2017.