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Thursday, November 9, 2023

1pm to 5pm

Ball State University
L. A. Pittenger Student Center, Cardinal Hall A & B

Photos from the 2023 Symposium on Games

Symposium Keynote

1:00 PM: Keynote Address from Tyler Thompson, Falcon Development LLC
Creator of CatTails

Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, x3: Making the Same Game, Three Times 

This presentation explores the journey of a solo developer refining and reimagining a single core concept through the lens of three distinct recreations of a cat life simulation game, each iteration revealing new insights into the genre. We'll unravel the humor, challenges, and growth that accompany this unique game development saga, shedding light on the lessons that manifest when you make the same game three times. 

Presentation Hall

2:20 PM–5:00 PM

Full abstracts are available online.

2:20: "Game Development to Motivate Computing I." Andy Harris: Ball State University.

2:40: "Back Then: My Early Days in Games." Antonio Sanders: Ball State University.

3:00: "Next Level Jobs Require Next Level Game Education." Zebulun M. Wood: IU Indianapolis.

3:20: "The Dissonance of Eco-critical Play and Narratives in the Horizon Series." Ian Gonzales and Josh Fisher: Ball State University.

3:40: "Enlisting Pirates & Pixels to teach Engineering in the Navy." Mathew Powers and Todd Shelton: IU Indianapolis.

4:00: "Exploiting Memory Corruption to Upgrade AI Opponents in a Classic RTS Game." Jonathan Craton: Anderson University.

4:20: "As an 'A' slide: Classroom critique vocabulary and scaffolding." Travis Faas, Mathew Powers, and Jacob Dobson: IU Indianapolis.

4:40: "i’ the clout, i’ the clout–hewgh! Word(2vec)play, Game Design Thinking, and the College English Classroom." Jason Parks: Anderson University.

Demo Hall

2:00 PM–5:00 PM

Frame Shifters. Travis Faas, Nathaniel Greiner, Haven Hamelin, Taylor DeHaven: IUPUI.

HabiTile. Rachel Berg, Lyle Dotson, Victoria Granger, Jeffrey Harmon, Kira Kasdorf, Karim Mahfouz, Jadi Miller, Tyler Newlin, Pandora Roberts, Max Stephens, Robin Walma, Noah Williams, Brooke Wright, Paul Gestwicki (advisor): Studio Hungus, Ball State University.

Intrusion Confusion. Croix Gyurek: IUPUI.

Kobold Delivery and A Space to Breathe. Gawain Doell and Tristan Doell: Moonbow Entertainment.

Rover Game. Jared Bowman, Andrew Everage-Scheible, Jeffrey Harmon, Victoria Moon, Tommy Nguyen, Pandora Roberts, Robin Walma, Paul Gestwicki (advisor): Ball State University.

STEM Careers Game. Paul Gestwicki, Liam Grube, Jeffrey Harmon, Samantha Shively, Lillian Waterman: Ball State University.

Multiple board game prototypes. Jake Kamps.

Information for Visitors

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